Warm Biz

With every Yin, there is a Yang. When I first got here, I found out about Cool Biz, the incredibly hot trend of keeping your office cooled to a balmy 83 degrees in order to reduce energy consumption and help keep emissions under control. But did you know there is a winter equivalent? Well, there […]

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Cool Biz

Having lived in both incredibly dry heat and super wet heat, I can say with certainty that life in these places without air conditioning is quite the challenge. Having a fan makes it manageable, but for how long? In Japan, there is an effort that started back in 2005 in order to help cut energy […]

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Many Animals Inside My Clothes

The deel (pronounced “dell”) is the traditional Mongolian garb. It comes in two flavors: winter and summer. Since it is becoming rather cold, and I only have one jacket, I ventured to purchase a custom-made winter deel. I asked my supervisor about getting one. She said that she would look into taking me to a […]

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