Spring Fires

Spring is marked by many unfavorable natural occurrences in Mongolia, such as high winds, dust storms, and perpetual sandstorms in the Gobi. One man-made disaster happens quite frequently: fires. They aren’t accidents or anything of the such. They are controlled burns. Sometimes. One March morning I woke up and noticed my apartment smelling of smoke. […]

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Spring Evening

A most peculiar cul-de-sac Of buildings whose tears, Rusted permanently beneath Ill-fitting frames and glass, Drip in shades of brown and grey No different than the dust Of the earth. Outside the sun begins to laze About and loiter for a bit longer To enjoy the scenes that seem To unfold from newly Invigorated spirits […]

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Fifth District

Nothing more than foreign rocks Shored upon tire tracks and Scattered upon broken tiles That create a concrete path To wherever it is you need to go. Mounds of dirt next to Vast gorges filled with pipes And the plastic refuse of those Who pass by with groans Of inconvenience in their day. Blocks of […]

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Soviet sirens singing aloud, Their voices trembling As they see the throngs Of wearied sailors leaving Their rocky shores. Dust billows, swept by breezes Made cool by icy rains, Deep puddles made by Truck tires still shallow And wet in contrast with The dirt-laden air. The city moans as I speed away, Everything smaller behind, […]

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