Temple Rains

You feel it sweeping over you Like catacomb clouds that Encumber living bones that Enjoy drinking amontillado. You see the iron curtain sway In the distance over green hills, Hearing the cry of dragons Surrendering treasure hoards. You find refuge in rainbow darkness, Protuberant eyes from spirits And demon of purest alabaster Gaze from behind […]

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Hedgehogs, Saws, and Doorways

  I never thought much of the artifacts above my door until my regional director came to visit. She was gathering her things, preparing to leave my apartment, when her gaze fell upon them. “Oh, you have the hedgehog,” she said. I was puzzled. I looked up and examined again what I had always thought […]

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Have You Visited God?

It was a question my supervisor asked me one day. We were in her car, with her husband and young daughter. My eyes widened as I sat in contemplative silence. Was this a thinly veiled threat against my life? Was she proselytizing? The answer was far simpler. “Buddha,” her husband echoed. They drove me to […]

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