Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

When you tell people you are visiting Nagano, they will ask you if you’re going to ski or snowboard. After you tell them you aren’t, there is a small chance they will ask if you are going to see the snow monkey park. Every time you see snow monkeys hanging out in hot springs set […]

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Akanasu Cat Pub

Picture a modest-sized bar where you order small finger foods and drinks. That’s known as an izakaya in Japan. Now picture a place where you play with cats as you drink tea. That’s known as a cat cafe. What happens when you merge the two? You get a cat izakaya (bar/pub), which is where my […]

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I can feel my vision twitch as my reality shifts. Something changes; no more paroxysms or fits of passion or love. It moves slowly and deliberately like an ass, being eaten by flies and whipped for no other reason than to satiate the depravity of the whipper, for he knows that no matter what he […]

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Dogs on the Steppe

It was 2:30AM. I awoke from a strange dream thinking I was somewhere other than Mongolia. Once I finally got out of that┬ásoporific┬ástate, I heard the whelps of a young dog. I thought it to be outside, but the more I listened, the more I was surprised by how loud the little fellow was. “Wow, […]

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