Ger Districts

On the cusp of every large city in Mongolia, you will find a hodgepodge of fences, wooden houses, and gers. Many describe it as a shanty town that expands for miles beyond the city proper, showing no signs of slowing its expansion. City planners were concerned about this ever since the 1960s, according to Owen […]

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Dry Days

To combat the alcoholism problem present in Mongolia, the Mongolian government has instituted days on which it is illegal for any vendor to sell any type of alcohol. I first encountered this during our training. We had came home to our little village from Darkhan, and we wanted to spend some time together before returning […]

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City Drunks

The sun is on its throne, The jesters are out On cracked pavement, Recently torn up For one reason or another, Tripping on the fissures In the false earth. Their skin is cooked, Eyes buried in an avalanche Of creased brows And greyed shadows Above parched lips Recently wetted by Bottles of fire water. One […]

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