Dry Days

To combat the alcoholism problem present in Mongolia, the Mongolian government has instituted days on which it is illegal for any vendor to sell any type of alcohol. I first encountered this during our training. We had came home to our little village from Darkhan, and we wanted to spend some time together before returning […]

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Men of the Bottle

Strange things happen when the light Begins to fade and illuminate the clouds In such a way that they begin to glow, Astounding colors sewing a patchwork Behind their billowing folds. Everyone is on the street because There is only one street to be had And everyone must share it: The children with their volleyballs, […]

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City Drunks

The sun is on its throne, The jesters are out On cracked pavement, Recently torn up For one reason or another, Tripping on the fissures In the false earth. Their skin is cooked, Eyes buried in an avalanche Of creased brows And greyed shadows Above parched lips Recently wetted by Bottles of fire water. One […]

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Alcohol and Alcoholism in Mongolia

Alcoholism is a problem in Mongolia. I imagine it is a problem anywhere poverty and alcohol exist, but it is quite a visible part of everyday life here. Chinggis Khaan conquered much of the known world in his time, and he encountered many new and interesting traditions and customs. One thing he encountered was alcohol.¬†They […]

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