The Year 2021 in KitKats

I am a man of habit: I know what I like and what I like are KitKats in a wide variety of flavors. In spite of their vicious attack on the consumer via reduction of the size of the candy last year, I continue to purchase their product because to be honest, I really don’t […]

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Noh and Kyogen at Mount Oyama

Fall brings about many changes in Japan: The changing of leaves, cozy clothing, and some pretty great cultural activities. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have a unique cultural experience: Traditional Noh and Kyogen performances as they were hundreds of years ago on an outside stage.

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Tokyo Disneyland During the Pandemic

The pandemic has really taken a toll on entertainment across the world. While Walt Disney World is open and expanding, Disneyland took a decidedly more reserved approach to keep in line with California regulations. Tokyo Disney Resort, however, has taken even greater measures to make sure that people can enjoy the parks while taking minimal […]

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