Things I Liked in 2020

That was certainly a year, wasn’t it? I’m not sure; I’m writing this introduction on January 1st in anticipation of reminding myself to continually add to the list as the year goes on so I don’t miss any tasty tidbits. With that said, let’s see what happened in the world that resonated with me. (Edit […]

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The Year 2020 in KitKats

So 2020 was a big dumpster fire for most of the year. However, KitKats are still on point here in Japan, and while I used to do more spaced-out, handful of KitKat posts, I decided to just wrap up all the delicious wafers into one post. Without further ado, all the flavors (mostly seasonals and […]

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Barcelona Cathedral

When people think of Barcelona, they usually think of Gaudi and his unfinished masterwork, La Sagrada Familia. While it is incredibly stunning and 100% worth visiting, there’s also Barcelona Cathedral, the little cathedral that could. It holds a lot of historical importance to the city and has its own unique quirks that help it stand […]

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The Aqueducts of Segovia

Did you know that Segovia has some of the most complete and well-preserved Roman aqueducts in all of Europe? These amazing water delivery systems pierce through the heart of the city and make for some of the most amazing views you can get of the fallen empire.

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Temple of Debod in Madrid

There’s a complicated history with the pillaging and plundering of different areas of the world by the major colonial powers. You hear these stories with some regularity across various media, but what about the times when these artifacts are not stolen, but rather, gifted? As a sign of gratitude for the nation’s assistance in cultural […]

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