The Old Man at the Rest Stop

He haunts the two story grounds where all the buses and some of the private cars go to rest, shuffling along and always on the search for salvageable goods. His coat is two sizes too large, lightened by the dust of the earth that is slowly decaying into nothing but desert sands and irritable grains […]

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Music Lesson

  Like writing with all of your fingers on the pencil, with the tip pointing out from that crevice made by your thumb, down by your wrists, you should be holding the bow. Create a cradle with your knees so that the box is not upright, you mustn’t keep it upright, tilt it slightly to […]

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Rummaging through rusted iron bins filled with ripped bags and scattered bones, He chances upon empty bottles made of plastic that he sheathes in a hollowed flour sack. Up to his waist in remnants from his neighbors, he sifts carefully so as not to miss any. He fills three sacks and exits, carefully closing and […]

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March Afternoon

The light is coy, dancing between clouds, making the ground blush. Flurries pushed by fickle winds, falling up we’re upside down. Dead grass free of ice, laconic hails of spring. Composed 03/10/14 Author’s Note: I haven’t seen this too often in Mongolia, but this was one of those days where the ground is too warm […]

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I can feel my vision twitch as my reality shifts. Something changes; no more paroxysms or fits of passion or love. It moves slowly and deliberately like an ass, being eaten by flies and whipped for no other reason than to satiate the depravity of the whipper, for he knows that no matter what he […]

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Kilometer Marker 272

The pony sighs as she is unburdened of small, insulated bags which my family carries to the edge of the paved road. Surrounded by steppe so burnt by the cold and sun that its yellow husks shimmer a faint green as if teasing spring. The bus appears as a speck but quickly enlarges before stopping. […]

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If I had lived 100 years ago, I would have been dead in 10; Plucked away to fight in some foreign war in a land that, if people squinted at me to blur the colors in my face, they would swear was my own, or perhaps eaten away from the inside by disease that festered […]


Makeshift Memorial

I walk along the uncleared path of nothingness and rocks, so many rocks of varying size, powdered with snow and ice on the hardened dirt that somehow still finds a way to thaw into dust on my boots. I walk past the painted steel that separates the only park in town, which really isn’t a […]

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144 Character Poems: Set 1

Breaking Ice Roads Chisel with a flat-headed spade, remove the ice that forms when the snow meets the sun. I can’t just sprinkle salt; that would be wasteful.   Sudden He doesn’t understand what we’re saying. You know what I’m saying? Loudly now! So there is no doubt. What’s the harm in a little fun […]

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Down crooked stairs of rocky concrete to a rusted door with only a loose metal bolt to provide security,   Stepping over the jutting metal frame into a threadbare cavern with mismatched hues of gray with spidery cracks,   Leaning on a glass countertop that holds needles and blackened hammer heads used in some mechanic […]

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