Staycation at the Muji Hotel in Ginza

Confession: I’m not paid by any sponsors. I’m too small. That said, there are certain brands that I enjoy and have found to be rather delightful here in Japan. One such is Mujirushi Ryohin, or Muji, as it is more popularly known. It sells all manner of goods: clothing, food, furniture, housewares, scented oils, and stationary, just to name a few, but it does so with a sleek Scandinavian look and vibe. I love it all so much; it’s easily the most relaxing store in all of Japan. You can imagine my joy when I discovered that they were opening their own hotel in Ginza, but due to Covid issues, I wasn’t able to stay until a small window opened up for a brief, one-night staycation let me live my best Muji life.

The Concept of the Muji Hotel

Here’s the deal: The hotel sits atop one of the largest, most extensively-stocked Muji stores in all of Japan. This place is packed to the nines: clothing, special cafes and snack kiosks, fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, lighting, chairs, tables, humidifies; you name it, this shop probably has it. The hotel begins on the upper floors, and can be accessed by the escalator from the store or via its own private elevator in a separate entrance.

The hotel is furnished with all of Muji’s products: The bed, bedding, seats, toiletries, snacks, drinks, and even the rugs are all from Muji’s catalogue of goods. When you check in, you get to choose which scent you want to put into the diffuser in your room. The stores are known for smelling amazing, which is why the scent oils were a must for the rooms.

Room Books Muji Hotel - Two Second Street -
A few books to peruse in your down time. I enjoyed looking at the woodblock prints of Hiroshige on the right there!

Once you get in, you’re in a bit of a Muji test demo: You try out all the furniture, snacks, and products the hotel provides for you in an effort to entice you to buy them. Here’s the stroke of genius: You can purchase all the items in your room from the main store via an order form in your room. If you buy them as a guest, you get a discounted price, as a thank you for your stay!

Sitting Area Muji Hotel - Two Second Street -
Kick back and relax!

The vibe, the music, the scents… they all mix together to create such a wonderful and relaxing experience. The TV in your room actually has a Muji Hotel channel where you can pump in the music from the store directly into your room! There’s also the Muji product highlight channel, which is essentially a 24-hour slide show of information on all the products they offer in-house.

Bed Muji Hotel - Two Second Street -
The bed – the best thing in the room! Super comfortable!

This was easily one of my best experiences staying in a hotel: The staff was great, the environment of the room was cozy, and I was actually able to sleep well in their bed! I’ve been a fan of this brand for close to four years now, so staying at the hotel was a truly wonderful experience. The costs of the rooms varies on the size and style of the room, but it’s the same price as a mid-ranged hotel (150-500 dollars per night), so that cost may be prohibitive for longer trips. That being said, at least one night is worth the cost of admission and I can’t wait to spend another relaxing staycation there once the madness of the pandemic (and I guess the Olympics next year?) calms down.


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