The Aqueducts of Segovia

Did you know that Segovia has some of the most complete and well-preserved Roman aqueducts in all of Europe? These amazing water delivery systems pierce through the heart of the city and make for some of the most amazing views you can get of the fallen empire.

The Aqueducts from Below

When you first walk into the city (at least, when we did from the bus station), you have to go a bit into the town before you actually encounter the aqueduct. You’ll see it towering over you: You’ll notice the larger, two-arch section as it slices its way through down, making its way to the elevated section of the city where you can find the city’s cathedral and alcazar. It’s a very impressive site: You can walk alongside it for a good amount of time and enjoy the mind-blowing sight of sections held together without any mortar.

The Aqueducts from Above

Seovia Acqueduct - Two Second Street -

When the aqueduct eventually goes into the hill, you can continue following it along the aqueduct path, but not before gazing upon where you just came from on a few strategically placed viewing platforms. And what a view they hold! It’s incredible to me that something so ancient is so ingrained into the city’s design; the people of Segovia are literally living in a museum, preserving these sites while also enjoying their modern lives. I guess because where I’m from, the USA, doesn’t have such well-preserved sites from Native Americans in the cities, it feels like modern life is pretty disconnected from what came before.

I think that’s something that I admire about Europe: It has ancient history preserved in living cities where you can go and experience it first-hand. I haven’t really had an experience like this before coming to Spain, and I am very thankful that I did.


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