Boca do Inferno

Do you like nature? How about tall seaside cliffs with crashing waves? One of the most spectacular views to be had in Portugal would definitely be Boca do Inferno, which we checked out as a small day trip from Lisbon.

Lisbon to Cascais

One thing that should be noted about our Portugal trip is that it rained. A lot. Every day we were in Portugal, it was raining, drizzling, or some degree of wet, cold, and cloudy. Needless to say, going to stand on windy cliffs and watch the cold, crashing waves of the Atlantic slam and spray into the rocks and air. Imagine our surprise when we woke up, gazed outside, and noticed a breach in the clouds! It continued to get better, with clear, sunny skies lighting up the city around us. My wife suggested we head down and check it out while the weather held, and I was not about to oppose. We ended up taking a train down to Cascais: Cheap, quick, and easy. Boca do Inferno is then a short bus ride or ~20 minute walk from the station.

Boca do Inferno - Two Second Street -

Mouth of Hell: Boca do Inferno

We opted to walk down to the cliffs, given the stunning weather. It was light and cool with only the faintest trace of a breeze. The city down to the cliffs was also beautiful as well: old architecture dotted cobblestone streets, giving off a romantic air.

Local Fishermen - Two Second Street -
Local fishermen out for a leisurely afternoon

Once we arrived at the cliffs, you see a parking area for buses and a path out to the cliffs. Parts are roped off, but if you’re very adventurous or very stupid, you can climb down into different little recesses near the main rock where every views the ocean together. You can find local fishermen casting their lines, sun-baked, and willing to chat and smoke if you’re sure-footed enough to reach them.

And then there are the waves: The beautiful, crystalline waves. The sun refracts into deep blues, greens, and turquoises as the water undulates and disperses. You hear the calming sounds of crashing waves and salty mist from the safety of your height; I imagine the sounds would be much more intense and stressful down on the rocks! You can see the foam swirls cap the crests of the waves and spin into calmer channels as the water sweeps through the rocks.

It’s a truly breath-taking view; one of the best ocean views I think I’ve ever seen in my life. As a person who feels great calm from the ocean, this visit really cleared my mind and left me feeling light, refreshed, and stealthily searching on my phone for properties in Cascais. A trip to see it is worth all the time and money you invest to get there!


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