Cherry Blossoms 2019: Meguro River and Koishikawa Botanical Garden

The peak of cherry blossom season is here, and there are some wonderful areas in Tokyo wher you can enjoy the sakura. We visited two such places: the Meguro Cherry Blossom Promenade and Koishikawa Botanical Garden.

Meguro River Cherry Blossoms Promenade

One of the most beautiful places to see cherry blossoms in Japan is in Meguro, along the Meguro river. The day we chose to view the flowers was overcast, cold, and windy. I’m sure if there had been some sunlight and it had been a few degrees warmer, it would have been a perfect day. We stopped in a local park, ate our little picnic fare, and looked at some beautiful blossoms. It’s very popular, so expect a big crowd. Going on a weekday can help thin the crowds and give you a better overall experience.

Koishikawa Botanical Garden and Harimazaka Cherry Blossoms Avenue

Not too far from Otsuka, we visited Koishikawa Botanical Garden, by way of Harimazaka Cherry Blossoms Avenue. The avenue truly lives up to its name: right in the middle there is a long stretch of cherry trees, a small man-made stream, and tons of grass for seating. This was open to the public and free to set up shop at, so naturally, it was packed full by the time we leisurely strolled by at 1:30 PM. We got to see a small marching band performing and watched small children catching the falling blossoms. If you catch a blossom falling from the tree before it hits the ground, it’s supposed to bring you good luck.

The botanical gardens cost 400 yen to enter, so this scares off some of the more frugal hanami-goers. However, the price of admission is well worth it. There is so much space in this garden for you to spread out and sit down surrounded by big blossoming trees. The park does close at 4:30, but it’s such a wonderful spot to see some brilliant cherry blossoms.

Do you enjoy viewing nature? Where do you go to relax and immerse yourself in natural beauty?


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