Christian Dior at the Denver Art Museum

While visiting the city of Denver, it was hard to ignore all the banners for the Denver Art Museum advertising the exhibit on Dior, the famous designer and fashion house that has come to define fashion in many ways. Being a total novice and way out of my element, I decided to dive into the deep end and immerse myself in the modern history of high fashion.

A Brief History of the House of Dior

Christian Dior at Denver Art Museum - Two Second Street -

Christian Dior started his fashion house after WWII and is credited for shaping the post-war silhouette for designers. The silhouette is the shape of the figure if you looked at it as if it were a shadow, following only the outline of the model or person wearing the clothes. The fashion house has seen a variety of styles and designers come through its doors. So many classic works, sketches, art pieces, and more were brought to the Denver Art Museum to show the rich history of Dior and how it came to influence fashion as a whole. I’m no fashion expert, but I want to share some photos and sketches from each of the designers who have helmed house Dior over the years, just to give you a taste of the exhibit.

Christian Dior (1946-57)

Yves Saint Laurent (1957-60)

Mark Bohan (1961-89)

Gianfranco Ferrè (1989-96)

John Galliano (1997-2011)

Raf Simons (2012-15)

To be fair, they didn’t have that many pieces in Raf Simons’ collection. There were some of his mixed in the themed areas, so I’m just going to use this place to post some of the colorful ensembles they had on display to showcase Dior’s philosophy that the fashion house should supply all manner of clothing and accessories, so that a woman could live and be completely enveloped in Dior.

Maria Grazia Chiuri (2016-Present)

Apologies if I messed any of these designs and their designers up! Feel free to leave me a comment so I can make corrections as needed. It’s a fascinating look if you’re into aesthetics, shape, form, color, fashion, or art.


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