Things I Enjoyed From 2018

It’s the end of the year and I felt that instead of going through the top nine Instagram posts I threw into the Internet void this year, I thought I’d discuss (mostly media-related) things I found or did this year that really got me inspired in hopes that they might inspire you, too!

The Hilarious World of Depression

This podcasts invites comedians and other entertainers to discuss their experiences with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. They talk about the stigma surrounding treatment, seeking help, and the process of recognition that something isn’t quite right. It was the episode with Andrew Zimmern in particular that really caught my interest, causing me to go back and listen to other episodes with Peter Sagal and Chris Gethard, both incredible episodes. They have on so many interesting and creative people baring themselves to the audience that it’s a really powerful and intimate experience. I’d get on this one ASAP if you haven’t already.

Dungeons and Dragons

My wife started getting into Dungeons and Dragons last year, and started getting me into it this year. Well, I kind of fell down a rabbit hole. I’ve been learning the mechanics and getting myself familiar with making games, playing games, and homebrewing. It’s akin to writing a living world that you and your friends can interact with. The child inside of me is super excited about all of this, as it gives me another outlet for my creativity and gets me writing again, albeit in a very different way than I did before. I’m grateful that there’s a pretty robust community of table-top role playing game enthusiasts out here and I look forward to learning and playing more in the future.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Yes, this game came out many moons ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I managed to procure a PS4 for myself. Seeing this much-hyped game on sale for a mere $20 was enough to move from temptation to action. I played through this game expecting one thing, and getting another. This surprise was incredible: the gameplay encourages running around and exploring, and the main story is dark and hits close to home. This game really hit at the right time and I’m so happy I was finally able to play through it.


So, earlier in the year, WNYC’s podcast Note to Self, a show about technology in our modern times, just disappeared. It stopped updating and went on indefinite hiatus. Perplexed, I quietly deleted it from my feed, not knowing what happened, and I was unable to find out what happened to it on the WNYC website. Fast-forward to August and I hear an ad on Radiotopia’s podcast, Spotlight, for a show with a familiar voice: Manoush Zomorodi, former host of Note to Self! And her new show was called ZigZag. The podcast explains what happened, her journey, how tech factors into all of this, and acts as a primer on the blockchain, entrepreneurship, and work/life balance. With two seasons under its belt this year, I can’t recommend this one enough; it’s an amazing treat for the ears!

Ikea Cactus

Ikea Cactus - Two Second Street -
With bonus spider!

Just look at this thing. Enough said.

What were some of your most-liked things from 2018? Let me know!


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