More Japanese KitKat Flavors

If you thought those first few flavors were the only KitKat flavors available, you would be wrong! There are a seemingly endless number of flavors, many of which seem to be seasonal or limited edition, many more of which I have been able to encounter. I will share the next batch of flavors with you all for your consideration!

Gateu Mignon

This special flavor is a specialty of the Ginza KitKat Chocolatory to celebrate its reopening this past summer (2017). It’s a dark chocolate KitKat with a special chocolate cake nuzzling up to the wafer inside. It’s very thick for a KitKat and the chocolate cake inside was surprisingly moist. It was a bit pricey, however, so this isn’t really an everyday kind of snack. Thoroughly delightful, though! I purchased it back in October.

Red Bean Cake

Red Bean Paste KitKat - Two Second Street -
Special fall packaging!

This is a special flavor from Hokkaido, but I was able to purchase them at the Yamaguchi Ube Airport in November. At first, you can totally taste the red bean paste flavor: nice and sweet with a nice earthly flavor. Towards the end, you start tasting more white chocolate, but the aftertaste will be that of sweet, sweet anko! If you’re not a fan of red bean paste goodies, stay away. Otherwise, it’s a really nice, unique flavor!


This one is a little unique. First, eating it regularly yields a light, sweet vanilla ice cream flavor that is very enjoyable. The packaging notes, however, that you can bake this KitKat to emulate a Baked Alaska situation. First, you freeze the KitKats so they don’t melt instantly. Then you bake them in the oven for a hot minute, take them out, and enjoy! The outside gets nice and caramelized while the inside stays somewhat cool. Interesting contrast! This was purchased in November in Saitama, Japan.

Matcha Almond and Cranberry

Remember the milk chocolate variety of this? Well, they released it with matcha! This one, to me, tasted only like matcha; the little bits of nut and berry just got completely lost in the powerful bitterness of the matcha. My advice would be to just get the matcha flavor if you like matcha, or get the original Almond Cranberry if you want to taste those flavors. Purchased in November in Saitama, Japan.


New Years Orange KitKat - Two Second Street -
It even comes with a nice New Year’s message!

This was a special treat released in December to commemorate New Year’s. It’s an orange flavor that has cultural ties to New Year’s shrines in homes, but that’s a topic I’ll approach in another post. This one has a blast of orange flavor without any of the mouth-watering tang. It almost tastes like an orange creamsicle, if you were lucky enough to have that ice cream as a child (think a light orange soda flavor with vanilla ice cream). Perfect level of sweetness! Received as a gift from others in December in Saitama.


Citrus KitKat - Two Second Street -

This one is a blend of lemon, orange, and lime all in one. It’s very tangy and the lemon is the citrus flavor that really seems to win the day in the trio. I couldn’t really taste the lime and got a small hint of orange before I began to taste the white chocolate base. If you like citrus but can’t choose your favorite, this will be a winner for you. This was purchased back in July in Saitama at a 100-yen store (Daiso) and forgotten about until very recently.


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