Kawagoe Antique Market

Once a month on the 28th, next to the County Government Office, the city of Kawagoe allows vendors to set up shop to sell various antiques. I’ve been lucky enough to visit it a few times and wanted to share some of the pictures I’ve taken of some of the incredible goods they have for sale.

Traditional Japanese Antiques

There are many amazing finds you can discover at the market. Every time I have gone, there have been different vendors and goods on display. You can find smaller trinkets, such as military medals, pins, commemorative coins, old paper money, wooden dolls, scraps of fabric, and old tin packaging for a reasonable price. I was also able to see many used kimono and yukata for upwards of 1000 yen, which is a steal if you know how much a new one would cost you. The more grandiose objects will cost you several hundred or even several thousand USD, so know that you might be shelling out thousands of yen to get your desired antique. Don’t forget to check downstairs from the main temple building! There are usually 4-5 vendors tucked underground that also offer some great wares. Here’s a brief photo display of all the goods I’ve been able to encounter:

How To Get There

The market is held the 28th of every month, starting at 9 AM and ending around the late afternoon, around 4 PM. It will be crowded, so be prepared to shimmy your way around the limited walking space!

From Honkawagoe station: This is for folks coming in on the Seibu Shinjuku line. Hop outside towards Coedo. At the first major intersection, head down the road so the station is at your back. You’ll run into some vendors outside the temple gates and that’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived.

From Kawagoe station: This is for folks riding in on the Tobu Tojo or JR Kawagoe lines. Take the East exit and head down Crea mall. At the end of the mall, make a right and you’ll be on the same road as the Honkawagoe folk. If you don’t see the temple or the vendors, just go north another block and you’ll be good as gold. You can also take any of the city buses North for an extra 200 yen if you don’t feel like walking most of the way.


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