Japanese KitKat Flavors

One of the most fabled tales I heard back in the olden days (1990s) about Japan was the abundance of flavored KitKat bars. They were one of my childhood favorites, so when I arrived in Japan as an adult nearly 15 years later, I was curious if the KitKat craze was a passing fad or if it still remained a beloved Japanese staple. While I can’t speak to its belovedness, I was able to dig up a variety of flavors to try, and I’m pleased to share my findings with you.

Cranberry and Peony Almond Kit Kats - Two Second Street - www.twosecondstreet.com
Almond duo!

Cranberry Almond & Peony Almond

This was a combo pack purchased in Saitama Prefecture in June. You got three sticks of each. The almond and associated flavor were embedded on the top of the Kit Kat, giving it a gravel-road appearance. The Cranberry Almond had milk chocolate and tasted more almond than cranberry. If you’re looking for fruity flavor, this is not the one for you! The odd peony almond Kit Kat was made of white chocolate and, I cannot tell a lie, tasted exactly like the scent of a peony flower. Single-handedly one of the trippiest experiences with flower flavoring I’ve ever had. Big recommendation for Peony Almond!

Matcha, Strawberry, Raspberry Kit Kats - Two Second Street - www.twosecondstreet.com
A trio of delicious goodies!


Purchased in Saitama Prefecture in September. This one has that bitter matcha taste I associate with anything matcha here in Japan. It has a nice sweetness to it as you finish your bite, but if you’re not a big fan of bitter tea, I would steer clear.


Purchased in Saitama Prefecture in September. It didn’t taste like a strawberry, but rather, more like a strawberry flavor. It had a bit of a tangy bite to it as well. Not the most memorable of flavors, in my opinion.


Purchased in Saitama Prefecture in September. Great raspberry flavor with a bit of that tanginess that you get when you bite into a fresh raspberry! I sort of fell in love with this after trying it, being a big berry fan. Big recommendation for Raspberry!

Flan Kit Kat - Two Second Street - www.twosecondstreet.com
Special Halloween flavor!

Flan / Pudding

This one I had low expectations for. I judged a book by the cover and I judged wrong! The white chocolate on this one has a wonderful caramel-like flavor, surprisingly creamy with its flavor for a candy bar! Not too sweet, either; just sweet enough to get that fix. I purchased this one in Saitama Prefecture in October as part of my supermarket’s Halloween display.


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