Tokyo Disney Foods

Food is very important to any trip but Tokyo Disney is branding itself in Japan as a go-to destination for delicious treats, meals, and drinks. When I started poking around for ideas on what to do at Tokyo Disney, I saw many blogs, articles, and vlogs centering around the amazing food available in the parks and hotels. With that in mind, I decided to try a bit of the culinary landscape at Tokyo Disney.

Table Dining

To do table service dining, you’ll need a reservation. Most nicer restaurants require that you have a reservation, but this might be tricky if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. The website for Tokyo Disney requires that you know Japanese and hiragana/katakana to procure your reservation. The online system seems very unfriendly to non-Japanese to me, so my recommendation is instead to have your hotel book the reservation for you. If you’re at a Disney hotel or a preferred partner hotel on property, they can call in the reservation for you. If you have a friend who speaks Japanese, you can call in a favor and have them make it for you as well!

Needless to say, on my trip, I stayed away from places that needed a reservation. I opted for counter service restaurants and food carts.

Counter Service

The counter service spots are on point. You can usually choose between and individual item and the set, which usually includes a side and drink for a couple hundred yen more. Other places, like the Hungry Bear curry spot, will only offer the dish in two sizes with no set options. I must say that the curry at Hungry Bear really hits the spot on a warm afternoon!

Since it was Disney Easter, there were also some specialty items. I tried a special StellaLou sandwich at Disney Sea, to celebrate the premiere of StellaLou, a new friend of Duffy the Disney Bear. The bun was purple and filled with chicken, egg salad, and shrimp with avocado. It was delightful and came with some cold potato chowder, which wasn’t as refreshing as I thought (a bit too salty for my tastes). I bought this at the New York Deli in DisneySea.

StellaLou Special Set - Two Second Street -
So pink!

I also got myself a nice tequila cocktail sampler at the Mexican quick service restaurant in DisneySea, which was a treat to have. The best one was easily the lime! We also had some delightful ice cream at DisneySea: a tiramisu ice cream sandwich (also available at Disney Land) and a salty fruit ice cream in a clam shell (Sea salt ice cream monaka). My money goes towards the monaka; the blend of salt and sweet is right on point!

The only caveat with counter service and food carts are the wait times. Be prepared to wait around.


Right off of the JR line that brings you to Disney property is Ikspiari, the closest thing to a Downtown Disney you’ll find in Tokyo. It’s more of a mall, replete with brand-name shops and a movie theater. They have some wonderful choices for dining throughout. I chose to go to a bar and grill on the fourth floor that featured local brews from the Harvestmoon Brewery.

Harvestmoon Beer - Two Second Street -
Great sampler set for a great price!

All in all, you can’t go wrong with your food selections at Tokyo Disney Land. Whether you want a fancy sit-down meal or if you want to snack all day, you’ll find a great variety to hit the spot!


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