Barber Parlor

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One place that I have visited fairly often in my tenure in Phoenix was my barber shop. Finding one at first proved daunting: I wanted something close to the light rail so if my wife was out with the car, I could easily get myself there (that became the common thread for most of my big decisions, such as dentist, doctor, and so on). Luckily, I found a place just down McDowell that offered exactly what I was looking for.

Barber Parlor - Two Second Street -
Here’s looking at you, kid.

Barber Parlor

Every now and again, you’ll get the owner cutting your hair. His staff is pretty trim at this location: usually only one other person with him, but sometimes two. It’s also a tight space with a small waiting room and an even smaller area for the chairs. The thing that wins me over is the service: Everyone there is so personable and friendly. You can also indulge with some free popcorn or sodas while you wait. The haircuts themselves are always on point. I don’t think I’ve received a single bad haircut from this place, regardless of who was cutting my hair.

Vintage Signs - Two Second Street -

There are a ton of knick-knacks on the walls: old posters, magazine covers, gag signs, and a killer clown above the massage chair. The owner told me that when he first opened shop he wasn’t getting a ton of business and that caused him to worry. To help keep himself focused and not stressed about the lack of traffic, he would go out and look for various toys, props, and posters to decorate his shop with. The result is a unique blend of classic and modern that definitely has a character that matches that of the owner.

Wall Decorations - Two Second Street -

The Barber Parlor offers cuts, trims, and a combo beard trim/haircut for those of us with lots of hair on our heads. If you want a cut and you’re in the area, I would highly recommend this local establishment. You’ll probably have to wait, due to the small staff and busy times, but you can catch a movie and sip some Dr. Pepper while you wait.


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