Phoenix Swan Song

This post is part of a series on my favorite spots in Phoenix. To read the other posts, follow these links: UnderTow, Barber Parlor, Phoenix Breweries, Changing Hands / First Draft Book Bar, Bonus Round, Renaissance Hotel, Camelback and Central.

My time living in Phoenix has come to a close. There are plenty of mixed feelings: I won’t miss the never-ending summers and their scorching heat or the drivers, but I will miss many things about the state of Arizona. This place holds a lot of memories for me, so for this week, I will post every day about my favorite places in Phoenix for one week. To start off, let’s talk about great spots outside of Phoenix.


When you want to escape the desert and feel like a person again, Flagstaff is the place to go. There is a lot of great skiing going on up there and the temperate mountain air gives it a pleasant feel during the summer. There are a ton of great breweries and the downtown feels like an old-timey downtown area, complete with brick buildings and a main street.

Biosphere 2 Exterior - Two Second Street -
Exterior of Biosphere 2


Tucson was great for its surrounding areas. In town, I really enjoyed the Hotel Congress; a great place to relax, have a drink, and enjoy a game of backgammon. Outside of Tucson is U of A’s Biosphere, which is an awesome feat of architecture that acts as a time capsule of the scientific aspirations and dreams of the late 80s.

There are plenty of other places I wanted to go but didn’t get the opportunity to as well. One day I hope to go camping in the Grand Canyon and do some star gazing in the desert. I did manage to visit the South Rim but I think a trip down into the depths would be such a more amazing experience than looking at it from above.

Mural 12 - Two Second Street -

Be sure to check my Arizona posts for more great places; this post is too small to fit them all in! Be sure to check out more posts from this series as they come out in the coming week.


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