Fey Canyon Trail

Arizona is known for some incredible hiking. Not being much of a hiker, I tend to shy away from larger challenges, such as mountains, in favor of the more beaten path. During a beautiful spring day, I was lucky enough to drive through Sedona to a path known as the Fey Canyon Trail to take a quick trip through a small canyon.


The trail itself is very easy and manageable: I saw families, older hikers, and young children plugging along the trail from start to finish. It should be said that the trail is not a loop, but rather, you have to backtrack once you reach the end of the trail. Along the way you can spy the elusive Fey Canyon Arch, a natural stone arch hidden in the stones along the trail.

For any novice hiker, this trail can be done in about an hour and you won’t have to worry about scaling any walls or falling from any precipitous heights. If you’re in the Sedona area, feel free to give it a go! You won’t be disappointed.


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