Mongolian Script
Mongolian Script


My Love,

I cannot go outside today;

It is snowing.

I will not come

but I will wait.

When the sun comes out,

I will enter your life again.

Mongolian (Modern)

Амраг минь

би гадаа өнөөдөр гарч чадахгүй

гадаа цас орж байн.

Би чамруу очиж чадахгүй

гэхдээ би хүлээнэ.

Нар гармагц,

бид хамтдаа байх болно.

Mongolian Script (Phonetic)

Амраг мину

би гадага өнөдөр гаржу чидаху үгүй

гадага цас гаржу байн.

Би чима ругу очижу чидаху үгүй

гэхдэгэн би хүлиеэнэ.

Нара гарумагца,

бидэ хамту даган байху болуна.

Composed 12/28/13, translated 06/13/14

Author’s Note: I wrote this poem a while ago as part of a challenge to compose a poem in Mongolian. I eventually wanted to write it in Mongolian script, which proved far more challenging than originally anticipated. It took the help of a Mongolian major and a Mongolian to Mongolian script dictionary to figure out the changes in the words. Even then, I’m not entirely sure I composed it correctly, the most nagging thing on my mind being the х in гэхдэгэн. I apologize to any Mongolians reading this and seeing the errors; it was my best effort given my limited knowledge. It was a fun exercise, and my first foreign language poem. I hope you all enjoyed it. This is my last poem from Mongolia.

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