144 Character Poems: Set 2

Typewriting gone awry.
Typewriting gone awry.

A Slender Man

He is so slender,

like the lengthening

Spring days.

Thin as the shadows,

glowing like the sun.

Let’s see how we

can make him break.

Composed 03/05/14

Air Dried

Dirty water cleans

our clothes constantly

assaulted by wind,

dust, and earth,

drying snaky river

beds into our creases,

seemingly impossible

to remove.

Composed 03/24/14


We all thought the

author was typing

a period, starting

anew, hearing the

platen click,

but we realized

too late it was

only a comma.

Composed 05/24/14

Author’s Note: Second batch of 144 character poems. Let me know what you think.


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