Monument on the horizon.
Monument on the horizon.

Swept away by

unblinking eyes

on triangle horizons,

a sailor adrift

on land where

he smells no salt

and tastes

no depths,


smelling cooked

grass firmly

planted on

lands so high

he hopes that

one day

he might

catch a glimpse

of the sea

until he realizes

his legs

wobble with


once more.

Composed 05/01/14

Author’s Note: Bouncing around can be difficult on anyone, especially those who want their lives to root somewhere particular. I always get this weird feeling when I am about to leave another home. It’s hard to capture.


2 thoughts on “Reverse

  1. When is your COS date?
    Yes, it is a difficult time, but strangely, also a good time. Mostly, it’s just an awkward time, in terms of emotions. Like all things, it eventually passes. I’ll definitely be interested in reading about how it goes for you– hopefully fairly easily.

    I’m going to travel around Mongolia in June, and I live in CA, near S.F. If you have any place in Mognolia you recommend an RPCV to see, please let me know!

    Jess, RPCV Guatemala

    j.prairiedog @ gmail


    1. First, thanks for your comment. I COS June 20th. A lot of my life has changed since coming out here, but the Peace Corps does that to you, I suppose!

      As for Monoglia, I’d like to think there’s a trifecta of awesome out here: Khuvsgul, Bayan Ulgii, and the Gobi. Lake Khuvsgul is awesome in the summer. You’ll go to Hatgal soum, which is on the banks of the lake. For the Gobi, definitely go to Dalanzadgad in Omnogov. From there, you can hit up the ice cave, sand dunes, and this temple that’s one of the energy points in Mongolia. Lastly, Ulgii is the westernmost area in the country, but has a large Kazakh population, and in the fall, you can check the Eagle Festival. In the summer, you can check out another side of Mongolian life (and buy some excellent handcrafts).

      There’s a lot to see. It depends on how far you want to travel. Getting anywhere is going to take a long time (if you don’t fly). If you have any other questions, you can check out the Peace Corps Couchsurf group or the Peace Corps Mongolia groups on Facebook. Everyone would be more than willing to help you out. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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