Music Lesson


Also note where he sits on the chair.
Also note where he sits on the chair.

Like writing with all of your fingers

on the pencil, with the tip pointing

out from that crevice made by your

thumb, down by your wrists, you

should be holding the bow.

Create a cradle with your knees so

that the box is not upright, you mustn’t

keep it upright, tilt it slightly to

the left but don’t squeeze so hard that

your toes become pidgeoned.

Pull and push without moving your

wrist, it’s all in your hands but nothing

is in your shoulders, but don’t forget

to keep pressure from base to end

unless you want to court stray cats.

Tap the strings with your tips but

never push down, this isn’t a guitar

and you aren’t checking for a pulse,

but sometimes push from the sides

and know numbers don’t matter.

One, two, three, four, back to two

but use three for this four, trust me,

it’s just how this is done, you know,

trust me to call out true and false

as I interpret the language.


Composed 03/26/14

Author’s Note: I attempted to learn the murin khuur, or horse-head fiddle, a for a couple weeks. Not having an actual instrument to practice on proved problematic, though, so I had to quit. Learning the basics of the instrument was fun enough, but they are very strict about many aspects of holding it. Tricky instrument to pick up for your first string lesson, I’d say.


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