144 Character Poems: Set 1

Icy road.
Icy road.

Breaking Ice Roads

Chisel with a flat-headed spade,

remove the ice that forms

when the snow meets the sun.

I can’t just sprinkle salt;

that would be wasteful.



He doesn’t understand what

we’re saying.

You know what I’m saying?

Loudly now!

So there is no doubt.

What’s the harm in

a little fun

at his expense?


No Hallways

I hear knocks and cries

from the stairwell.

A squall of echoes

chips the paint;

He silences with time.

I check if my door is locked.

 Composed 01/18/14

Author’s Note: I always had this idea for a twitter account: Compose a poem with only 144 characters. I like trying to do this. It’s a good exercise and it produced some interesting results. I look forward to trying this again.


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