A light coating.
A light coating.

Rays come through

the narrow strips

of clouds that lazily

hang in the air.

Light dances off of

the many falling

platforms there for

them to perform.

I squint through my

sunglasses, peering

at glints of silver

and gold and white.

Minute rainbows,

flashes in a very

cold pan, surround

my dark brown body.

The floors sparkle

as I slip my way

with each step

streaking the masterpiece.

Soon it will be

too cold to snow,

too cold for glitter

and uncovered faces.

Soon it will be

bright, slightly matte,

and no more diffuse

than dirt on the ground.

Composed 01/05/13

Author’s Note: Having never grown up with snow, I find it very fascinating the things it can do; subtle things that perhaps those who are not so in love with snow and have had it most of their lives may overlook. I was blown away when I first saw snow shimmering on the sidewalk, and then again when I saw it falling in the sunlight. There are some really wonderful sights out there in the world, aren’t there?


2 thoughts on “Powder

  1. I agree! I grew up in Malibu, on the beach. Now I live in the mountains of Southern California at 6,000′ — the snow is always inspiring!

    Wanted to share the following blog link with you. I work in Hawaii (with horses — I put on the shoes) and I listen to Hawaiian music when I work. The following is really, really cool — and such a contrast to where you are in Mongolia!




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