Fifth District

A long abandoned project.
A long abandoned project.

Nothing more than foreign rocks

Shored upon tire tracks and

Scattered upon broken tiles

That create a concrete path

To wherever it is you need to go.

Mounds of dirt next to

Vast gorges filled with pipes

And the plastic refuse of those

Who pass by with groans

Of inconvenience in their day.

Blocks of concrete lay flat

And defeated, leaning against

Brightly colored steel railing

Designed to entertain children

As they sled down dirt on cardboard.

Jagged spines with twisted patterns

Crawling up and down,

Poking out from anywhere and

Everywhere metal pikes lay,

Disturbed from terrestrial slumber.

No workers to be seen, their job done,

Someone else will take over,

There exigency abounds,

But there is no haste,

For winter is still two months away.

Composed 08/30/2012

Author’s Note: When I first arrived, my district was a torn up mess. Now, it looks nice and orderly. Things get fixed up eventually. They usually try to get it all done before winter, at the very least.

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