Mines from afar.
Mines from afar.

My dear, the time has come

Once more for me to depart,

But like all the times before,

I shall return with bounties

The likes of which no man

Or woman on this river

Has ever witnessed

In fevered dreams

While swatting mosquitoes

In the stifling night.

My dear, what is mine

Shall soon be ours

As I push forth to distant

Centers of trade and skill,

Showing them what I do



What is that you say?

I am to provide, and I cannot

See why you would wonder

About my fealty

When providing is

The divine will which

Placed me here and now.

My dear, tear not down the

Levees so close to the bridge,

For our wildest delights

In corporeal rapture

Will make this land,

This river-side shanty,

A sprawling plantation

For those who will come

After us because we must

Make this better than

The siren song of red heroes.

My dear, the forecasts have all

Pointed in this direction for

All great poets have asked

“What is this ‘mine’ that

All men are convinced is theirs?”

I have found this mine

And must dawn my cap

To head towards the city,

But only for a brief wink

That will soothe the blood

In the unblinking eye of time.

Composed 08/06/2012

Author’s Note: My host father was a heavy machine operator, but everyone just called him a driver. He would go away at certain times during the year to do jobs driving heavy trucks and machinery. He showed me some pictures of work he had done in Mongolia and China. I always wondered what living that kind of life would be like.

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