Summer School


Colorful badges

And dirty hands,

Blank notebooks

Tickled by

Emptying pens,

Transfer from

One generation

To the next

Across an ocean,

Cold and vast.

Raising voices

With orchestral

Arcs and adagios,

Tempo changes

How eyes dart

From one

Set of hieroglyphs

To the next

As well as

How they escape

Sun-blistered lips.

Benches and tables,

Varying degrees

Of what is short,

Construction noise

In the back–

The winter comes

Quicker than

One would think

In the summer

When river’s high

And horses graze–

No distraction

Adds to the

Organized chaos.

They run in

Just as quickly

As they run out,

Back into the wild

To breathe again

Dust-filled breaths

And play upon

Rocky hills and

Old buried tires

To decide who

The next Khan

Shall be,

Saying hello

In new tongues.

Composed 07/26/2012

Author’s Note: For Pre-Service Training, TEFL volunteers in Mongolia must teach English classes to community members. These usually end up being children. The ages range from 4 to 18. It can be quite overwhelming, but their spirit and positivity can be uplifting. You know, when they’re not distracted by the heat and potential boredom.

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