Culture Center

Where it all takes place.
Where it all takes place.

Approaching monolithic pairs

Of weathered wood covered

In cheap plastic sheets of

Days long gone when the stores

Had no food, only salt,

Because of the withdrawal

Of white wolves with red blood.

Leaden hoops are shackled in place

By a lock with loose teeth

That no key can sink into

Without special assistance from

Small women with hair clips

Half the size of their heads

And one woman with no nose.

Time tip toes by on creaky planks

In wooden shacks set up

To hold fermenting milk and

Not much else, yet retrofitted

To hand ties and nooses

From wooden pegs tightly screwed

In place on trestled ambivalence.

The doors of Jericho finally

Swing wide open to reveal

The Buddha inside that may

Or may not be holding a lyre,

Anachronisms abound yet

Colorful in nature blinding

Our eyes to the imperfection.

Composed 07/25/2012

Author’s Note: Most cities/villages will usually have a cultural center where they can have concerts, dances, and other such festivities. 

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