A Night Out

Fancy light fixtures are everywhere. Especially in clubs.
Fancy light fixtures are everywhere. Especially in clubs.

Scant neon letters hang above

The iron circles with no rust,

Next too the plush doors

With tall, vertical handles

Leading towards a black descent

Into a glass floor above

Dying earth illuminated with

Iridescent strips of cosmetic light.

Everything is black and white,

Except for the large panel behind

Where the two men with needles

And wax discs conjure sounds–

Strange yet familiar–

Upon which a woman unlike any

In the flashing mists and heat

Smiles provocatively.

Something changes as the night

Transmutes insecurity and caution

Into abandon and order that reflects

All the rage of that modern scene

Gleaned from picture shows

And made into a five act play

Where no witches give warnings

And everyone falls like Ceaser.

Bedlam breaks and everything becomes

Day inside while the world at large

Remains shrouded in stars and

In sight of the shy peeks form the moon,

Herded outside but some want back in,

Laying siege to castle gates unaware

That they are already drowning in the moat.

Outside a man cries half like

A bull on the charge and half like

A goat being butchered in ceremony,

Stumbling through the cool air

Of a relation with his atmosphere

That he cannot bear to understand

Not knowing that there really is not

Anything for him to comprehend.

Lights shine in concentrated beams,

Engines roar and voices die,

Slowly falling to their deaths,

Jumping base, not falling upward,

Through the blinded alleys

Littered with craters from their impact,

Surrounded by everyone,

Kept imprisoned by swaths of emptiness.

Composed 07/20/2012

Author’s Note: I’m not a big fan of night clubs in Mongolia, at least, not in certain cities; I guess I’m not much of a club person to begin with. Each one has its own character, but they are all surprisingly similar in unassuming ways. It’s difficult to describe.

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