Parent Teacher Extravaganza

When my supervisor told me about the parent/teacher conference that was going to happen at my school, I mistakingly thought it would just be a large meeting of parents and teachers. I should have known that I can’t expect things like that out here. She informed me that  because we have so many students and not a whole lot of room, that only 3-5 parents from each class would be in attendance, acting as a sort of representative for the other parents in the class. They would have a meeting in the mini auditorium/music room/stage with administration and discuss their childrens’ progress. The highlight for this meeting was how the school was developing the students extracurricularly.

Students on the left, teachers on the right.
Students on the left, parents on the right.

Each floor was responsible for putting on a small show/performance for the various groups of parents as the admin shuffled them through. Students recited poems together and sang songs, giving thanks to the parents as the teachers watched on approvingly.

On all the floors, student art and writing lined the walls. On the first floor there was a small arts and crafts show, displaying woodwork, embroidery, weaving, drawing, and just about any other craft within the scope of a budget-consci0us combo elementary/middle/high school. In the auditorium and gym, there were displays of medals, trophies, and advertisements highlighting concerts put on by various students and alumni.

The small festival of student achievement lasted for about three hours,  but I stayed for a fraction of that. It was nice to see that the parents are interested in how students are developing in terms of arts, sports, music, and the likes. I’m glad that I’ve been placed at a school where they appreciate a well-rounded education, and where parents demand such. I know my school is not the norm in any way, shape, or form in many of its practices. I doubt there are many schools in the countryside that do anything like this, or quite to this scale. It will be interesting to see how the country’s education develops further down the line as more resources flood into the country.

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3 thoughts on “Parent Teacher Extravaganza

  1. Hi Adam, I’m South African, but currently living in Inner Mongolia. Found your blog, while searching for info on Mongolian writing. Your blog is interesting and I have subscribed to read all your future posts. We live next to a school and often watch activities on the sports field from our 16th floor apartment. Best regards.


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