It's dangerous to go alone.
It’s dangerous to go alone.

Let’s say for a moment

That a man isn’t a man,

But is instead something else

That may resemble a man

But only on a symbolic level;

Perhaps he is a flag.

On that same page

Let’s proclaim that a woman

Is a strong breeze or wind,

And now that we’ve established

A healthy agreement on how

We are going to proceed

Let us do just that.

The flags stay motionless

In the heat of a dry June afternoon,

When suddenly the breeze

Picks up and the flags begin

To flutter in the wind,

Moving about just as intensely

As the wind that compels them.

They dance together in ways

That resemble how a kid and ewe

Prance about on wild meadow grass,

Yet unaware of that truth of life

That will soon divide and conquer

For no reason other

Than that’s the way it’s always been.

Gatekeepers pull rip cords to release

Parachutes that drag up while

The natural order is to fall down,

Or at least that is how

The magician with the dusty wig

Informed us to believe.

Flags come down and are folded

By demure hands rusted from

Rattling bars on prison cells,

Sentenced to an unmeasured time

Confined in darkness

Where no colored banners

Can signal or sway again.

The wind will still blow,

Perhaps set off by the wings

Of a butterfly or the dying words

From a hurricane forming

Off the coast of Africa,

Its dust creating rain.

Composed 07/14/2012

Author’s Note: Culture can be a funny thing. When travelling from one to another, you tend to notice the differences. Some are blatantly obvious, others are more subtle and must be learned through experience. Once you begin to learn them, you notice that the new culture is not so different from your old culture in many larger or general aspects. I guess all I’m really trying to say is be cautious and courteous when dating, wherever you are.

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