When you stare at the light, everything else becomes dark.
When you stare at the light, everything else becomes dark.

Red currents

Of yellow color

Stream forth

From silver lips.

Blue hearts and

Black paw prints

On white cards

With bloodied backs.

Brown roads blackened

With clear rains

Trampled by

Cloven hooves.

Green sprouts from

Grey soil on

Silver roads paved

To nowhere.

Rusted fences

And gates torn

Lead to wooden

Porches and home.

White liquor

From mare’s milk

Sitting in cups

Made for tea.

Golden auras

From different

Faces and thoughts

Meld together.

Black vision

With purple spots

Unlike pink dots

From sickly fever.

Blue carpets

And white linoleum

Under wooden curtains

Not meant to divide.

Composed 07/12/2012

Author’s Note: A friend of mine got very sick during this time. For one reason or another, it made me want to write about colors.

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