To A Student

Thai students. Not Mongolian.
Thai students. Not Mongolian.

Repeat after me,

In an accent I deem


For this particular case,

Which may seem no


From any other case,

But I beg you to


Following my advice.

You may think you

Know what it is

That comes out from

My mouth,

But I speak in

Technicolor tones

But it looks as if

It vibrated from

Monaural speakers,

You know,

The cheap kind that

Hide their shame

Behind bars of

Horizontal plastic.

Place your bid by

Holding your sign

Up above your head,

Good and high now,

Yes, that’s right,

Just like that,

So that the room may

Echo with your


And so I might know

How much to wager

When I counter bid.

Meet me in the war room,

Bring your chess pieces,

Although you won’t be

Needing them,

Because I brought a set

I carved from the

Deadwood that gathers

In the forest

On the hills

Behind my house,

So that we might

Begin carving up

Our conversation and

Divvying up the land

As if we were careless children

Cutting their own cake.

If you can’t see what

I am saying, then fear not;

There is no wool over your

Eyes, although there might

Be broken glass crudely

Taped together on

A rickety bridge

That was trampled upon

By the boots of many

Soldiers who march

Only to one beat

That matches the natural

Frequency of the span,

Causing it to rattle,

And eventually crumble

From the harmony.

Take what is out there

And place it into a jar,

But not a can,

For the can will seal out

All of the air and light,

Creating a disastrous

Mess when you peel

Off the rusted lid

Many years later,

But I implore you to use

A jar instead,

Use a vacuum pump

If you so wish,

And figure out what

Exactly it is you captured

That flitters about

Like the wings

Of so many lightning bugs.

Composed 07/05/2012

Author’s note: Teaching and learning have always fascinated me. How can you describe them? That relationship between learner and environment? Between mentor and student? Mentor and environment? No one ever stops learning, although they may stop any semblance of formal education. There is so much to learn out there. Why not give it a go?

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