Dark flirts with light. Or does light flirt with dark?
Dark flirts with light. Or does light flirt with dark?

Her eyes shout “You taste like

Green from a mile away,

And I smell the softness

Of your heart above the stench

From stagnant waters off

The side of the railroad tracks.”

She asks if I waltz, and I say yes.

Her lips creep up the side of her face,

Fangs are bared in playful grimace,

As if she is ready to bite my nose

Like wolf pups bringing

Auspicious omens.

I sit to the slightly on the edge,

But she tempts me to her side

With ring banded in wedding stones.

Taunting polished nails

Scratch the air and make it bleed

But only I can see the scars

Because I have the same ones

Carved into my back.

I close my eyes and feel the laughter

Wash over my shoulders and back,

Holding the cake in my hand,

With no plates to be seen,

The sweetness so intense I breathe

The sugar through my nose

And to my lungs.

She removes her jacket and I

Begin to put mine back on,

Retreating with comrades in blue

Back to a parallel yet unmeasured,

Contemplating behind shields,

Balanced over my eyes,

What poor sailor will chart course

And brush the hair of that

Wild fly trap.

Composed 07/03/2012

Author’s comment: There is a popular idea floating amongst the foreign men that, especially in the countryside, the single women are painfully shy, while the married women are the incredibly flirtatious. Mongolians like to joke about secret lovers, but some actually do seek extramarital affairs (much like everywhere else in the world). Clearly this idea doesn’t apply to everyone in Mongolia. Perhaps some gentlemen down on their luck have postulated this to explain why they can’t find local girls? Who knows?

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