One Drink

Temujin approves.
Temujin approves.

The Khan smiles upon you

As you raise skeletal limbs

From grassy flats to

Celestial senses.

Ambrosia flows from

Tea cups and tea pots,

Bottles and ladles,

Lids and anything with

Any sense of depth.

Electric fans hum praise

To cunning masters

In pointed boots and

Flat hats concealing

Snowy mounts.

Batteries power nothing

In sight of the cyclops

As he contemplates

How far away the fire is

That he seeks to play with.

“Danger!” Screams the sign

With eternal smiles

On picturesque plaques

Hanging dust-covered

In abandoned trophy halls.

All fall under the gaze

Of the approving gestures

Of the great Khan,

Approving not what he sees,

But what he sees

Beneath the cracks

Not covered by the rugs

In his circle tent.

Composed 07/01/12

Author’s Note: Gers, the felt circle tents some Mongolians live in, are quite hot in the summer. Almost every home in Mongolia has an image of the great Chinggis Khaan hanging up high. You are supposed to put your most valuable or prestigious items (aside from idols and charms in your shrine) in a high place. Higher = more important. That’s why most Mongolians don’t put their bags on the floor. That, and because they don’t want them to get dirty.

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