Peeking through the trees.
Peeking through the trees.

Everyone sleeps during the day

Because the nights are so bright

And when the sun finally does

Decide to retire to its bed chamber,

A new doppelganger steps in

To take its place and start

The cycle anew.

The night is the day and the day

Is the night when the knights

Returning from long battle

Illuminate the silence

With paige-shined armor,

For the squire is on his way

To greater heights and knows

A thing or two.

I see what I don’t see, but fail

To see what I do see,

And in front of the behind

That sits next to the insides,

Outside rests on top of what

Should be resting beneath

And below.

Furrowed brow, mind watching

Time click backwards with

Mischievous hands greedily

Rubbing together under cold water

And lather-less soap,

Everything bleeds but nothing

Hemorrhages out;

Or was that in?

I walk backwards to go

In some direction that

Clears brush in subtropical

Air, only to find that bees

And wasps still sting

When their nest is disturbed.

Composed 06/25/2012

Author’s note: It’s amazing how bright it stays outside in the summer sometimes. As someone who lived most of his life pulled ever-closer to the equator, it was quite interesting to see the sun out after 9PM.

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