Rainy Day

Rainy soum.
Rainy soum.

Averting eyes from

Confused looks;

Combating confused

Questioning with

Silent repose.

Everything was

The same

But different.

Earlier, the day was

Filled with

Difficult songs

That could be read

But not understood

And simple waltzes

Danced by counting

But no higher than four.

Sweeping dirt from

The plastic floor

And woven rug squares

Used for everyone

To wipe their feet

Before stepping onto

The carpet so as

Not to sully or


Earlier, the day was

Celebrated with toasts

From miniature vessels

Filled with plum tea

Bottled by machines,

Each person taking turn

Raising non-spirits

To lips, or politely

Refusing by dipping

Ring finger and offering

Some to the sky.

Questions asked in turn

About hunger and thirst,

Caring and concern

Shown to the careless

Mind jumping ahead

In quiet solitude

Of pink sheets and

Lamps with one bulb

Blown out.

Now, this day is

Closer to ending,

But responsibilities not

Met linger beyond the

Muddy tracks left by

Blue trucks by the river,

A meal is had instead

Off the schedule

That never seemed to be.

Composed 06/25/2012

Author’s Note: If you want to refuse an alcoholic beverage presented to you by your host, you dip your ring finger into the cup and flick a little into the air. This method is only acceptable for men, however. You can also put the glass to your lips and then set it down without actually drinking anything. The more fervently the host pushes you, the more you have to push back. Never tell them that you drink vodka.

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