The sky is so clear, but sometimes, you just can't see it.
The sky is so clear, but sometimes, you just can’t see it.

I think in

Two different verses

While composing

What seems

To be

Nothing for nobody

That will soon transform


Something for somebody.

Our fearless leader

Chewing gum,

Or maybe her cheek,

All the while

Trying not to

Bite her tongue.

Her partner stares

Like a porcelain doll

With painted lips

And eyes that look

Beyond who and where

To what and why

But not all here.

We talk about

What we haven’t done

And what won’t be,

I think,

While I deflect

Others’ gazes that

Fall upon my

Supposed expertise;

Not unlike you

But different, somehow.

Mind leaden with

Meat and bread,

Dreams of past

Pillows laid upon,

Past ceilings stared at,

As I gaze upon

The patchwork roof

With odd blue boards

And uniform sheets

Of what might be

Asbestos or

Just my imagination.

Composed 06/19/2012

Author’s note: It was a complicated day. I was having quite a bit of trouble with language, and dealing with the pressure of being the only person in the training group with any TEFL experience (with graduate coursework on top of that). I have had my experience come back to haunt me: It sets expectations quite high and the ideas of who I am in the mind of others is not something I can easily live up to, leading to disappointment. There was quite a bit on my mind this day, to say the least.

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