Too Early For Sleep

The growing girl.
The growing girl.

Temperate evening

Fills its skies

With mosquitos

And other

Winged pests

That make

The guard dog


As he is eaten

With peckish


Families sacrifice

Kindling and dung

To the gods

Of fire

And smoke

To keep their


Clear of tiny


As they rest.

The young man

Stays at watch

In the first room

By the front door,

But is


By glowing screens

And worlds he

Finds more


Than his own.

The young woman

Lays on her bed,

A folded mattress

Hoisted against

The wall,

Barefoot and

Swinging her legs,

Not really watching

The television,

Not really sending


On her phone.

The mother and

The younger brother

Are nowhere

To be seen.

Perhaps they are

At the store?

Or out to visit

The pregnant woman

Two yards back,

Across the street,

With the

Small boy

And the

Growing girl?

It is a slow march

To darkness

For the village

Next to the

Train tracks,

But not next to

The train station,

Removed from

The highway

And urban woes.

Composed 06/18/2012

Author’s Note: Just another lazy summer evening in the village.

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