My Room

The view of my room, as viewed by the view from my room.

Where I come from,

When you hear

A blustery menace

Outside your window,

It means rain has come,

And the power

Will go out.

Where I am now,

Bluster comes with

No guarantee of

Drops from

The great blue sky,

And while the power

Tends to flicker

And shift,

It remains steadfast.

Where I come from,

Devils in the dust

Spin in drunken fury,

Knocking about the

Flora and fauna,

Sometimes causing

More harm

Than nuisance.

Where I am now,

The dust is the devil,

And the wind its

Trumpet summons,

Howling about

Causing everything

To sway in

Uneasy rhythm.

The one thing that makes

These two disparate

Locations seem

Fraternal in nature

Is the stillness

About me

When left alone.

Composed 06/16/2012

Author’s note: I spent many summer evenings staring at the light outside my window at 9:00 PM, wondering when it would get dark so I could sleep more soundly. This poem comes from one such observation.

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