Concrete on pastels.

Light refuses

To fade

Behind the mountain,

Erected on

The distance

Like a facade.

Colors dull

To greyed hues,

Not quite

Losing tone

As losing


Quiet colors

Besiege this

Silent shell

Of a home

As night


And day


Dull thuds

In the distance,

The sound

Of footsteps.

A door


Colors return,

Life begins


The shell

Is full,

But whispers


Still fearing

The night

And all

It may hold.

Composed 06/13/12

Author’s Note: The sky is so clear here on most days, that it always makes for stunning sunsets, as if they stretch on for infinite. I don’t have any sunset pictures from a village or clearing, so this one from my apartment will make do. It’s still quite enthralling.

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