Almost Winter

Frosted cityscape.

Strong gales create blustery chills

Across the hardened dirt

And barren trees that only moments

Before were bursting with

The colors of ending life.

Dogs chewing on blocks of ice

Shattered with shovels by

Lazy workers looking to clear

Slick parking lots for cars

Look lazily about before growling

At anyone with fur lining

Atop their hooded jacket.

Old women shuffle and waddle

In their traditional clothes tied

With cloth belts of blinding hues

While old men smoke cigarettes

Whilst perched rusted fences

Meant to keep children

Out of the weeds and hidden manholes.

Specks of white flitter about,

Flirting with the naked eye and

Melt from the warmth of the blush

Before their powdery crunch graces

Broken sidewalks covered

In loose pebbles and stamping feet.

Darkness falls upon us more quickly

Than first imagined not so long ago,

Causing hasty retreats back to

Warm stoves with crackling wood,

Smoke wafting and resting

In the valley of the city creating

A luminescent glow around

Dancing electric lights of local stores.

The city now sleeps late,

And wakes even later,

Everyone now concealed

From gales, draped upon them are

The colors of ending life.

Composed 10/15/12

Author’s Note: I thought I’d add this one, a more recent composition, and take a break from my summer poetry to capture the transition to winter here in the city. I’ve never really lived in too many places with seasons before Korea in 2009, so this is a new experience for me, given the oft talked about harshness of Mongolian winter. It started snowing here in September, but my city has held out on full-on winter. It shall come soon enough.

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